Clam Packs – Standard

For those customers whose products fit a simple regular shaped cavity, then our standard clams offer the perfect solution.

These inexpensive packs allow you to present your products in a highly visible manner, whilst having the facility to highlight the product by the inclusion of artwork.

If you would like a sample of our packs please contact us and we will be pleased to send you some.

Semi – Bespoke clampacks

Due to the design of our tooling we are able, in many circumstances, to produce inserts that are made specifically to suit your product, and whilst there is a cost involved, this would be much less than a complete toolset.

If your products fit within the plinth area of our stand packs we may well be able to produce a pack to suit you specific requirement. Please contact us if you require further information.

The layout of our standard clam packs is shown in the diagram below. There are five different ranges: A, B, C, W and J. Each range has fixed pack and plinth width and length. The plinth is for a display card. The width, length and height of the cavity on the plinth varies within each range. THe pack and plinth dimensions for each range are shown in the table below. Click on the green buttons below to see the cavity dimensions available and the layout of each range.

Standard Clam Pack Range Dimensions
Pack WidthPack LengthPlinth WidthPlinth Length
A Range92mm182mm82mm150mm
B Range118mm170mm105mm140mm
C Range118mm255mm105mm215mm
W Range67mm230mm58mm190mm
J Range50mm140mm40mm105mm
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