Design and Development

A box inThe initial development process is loosely described in the following paragraphs. We work closely with a number of local toolmakers who specialise in Thermoforming Tooling, thus ensuring we obtain not only the most cost effective tooling, but also benefit from the vast experience of more than one supplier, enabling us to provide a more knowledgeable approach to both project and tool design.

  • All tooling is recharged at cost, and we do not charge for our assistance in project design or supply of samples (unless significant quantities are requested).
  • A quick turnaround on quotations, prototypes and samples is assured.


Our toolmakers can quickly make prototypes from a variety of materials including Wood, Modelboard and Resin.

The material used is dependant on the type of prototype, its complexity and application.
Prototypes are a cost effective method of proving and then perfecting an idea to evaluate its feasibility.

We can create a prototype from sketches, samples of products or CAD drawings, often not requiring an initial meeting.

Production Tooling

After the prototype stage is complete, and samples are approved, the production tooling is manufactured. Again, as with the prototype, 1st off production tool samples are submitted for customer approval.

The cutting forme is then manufactured at which point final cut samples are submitted for approval prior to production commencing.

As with prototypes, production tooling can be produced from various materials, but mostly from Aluminium, being either cast or CNC machined.

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