Environmental Policy Statement

We recognise that we, as a manufacturer, have a duty of care and it is our aim to act in a manner that will be environmentally sympathetic in all our operations. This will be to the benefit of our customers, the local community and the wider environment in which we operate.

We will, within practical constraints, take consideration of the environmental issues when considering the purchase of raw materials, finished goods, recycling of waste materials, and transport. We will also where possible assist our customers when choosing and using our products, to do so in an environmentally sensitive way.

We aim to raise awareness and encourage participation in all environmental issues to all of our employees and expect them to fully comply.

We will where possible always work towards reducing the levels of waste, emissions, pollution and energy. Currently 99% of our scrap material is being recycled and our machine operatives are fully aware of techniques that reduce the amount of scrap produced.

Our policy will be reviewed and if necessary changed annually or when significant changes within our business requires us to do so.

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